Relationship Status in the Media

I was about 10 minutes for the press premiere which fellow cast mate commented.

“You live nearby and you are late?”

The preview went very well.

Had my first press interview for RTM1 (too bad I forgot to ask when it’ll be showing).

Fellow cast mate, Benji Lim and I were interviewed about our roles as brother and sister in the movie. It was slightly weird to do the interview in Malay. My once fluent Malay is now peppered with a lot of English. Eek!!!

An hour or so after the preview. 3 bloggers posted their reviews.

Relationship Status: Muka Buku Urban Love Actually by Fadz

Relationship Status (2012) – Warga Digital Jaringan Sosial? by Ajami Hashim

Relationship Status Movie Review by Syafiq

Thank you all for reviewing the movie.

I also later found out the Sneak Peek back in December made it into the Star today.

Stories and Statuses by Terence Toh


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